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The Wall Street Journal:  The Summer Camp Smorgasbord by Cecilie Rohwedder

If Holden Fisher’s mother has her way, he won’t have a dull moment this summer. In the coming weeks, he will attend Lego camp, clay camp, nature camp, tennis camp, trampoline camp, “gym and swim” camp and a program at his school.

His mom, Kirsten Fisher, started a spreadsheet in March to organize the camps her 4-year-old would attend this...


Yes-Homes Feature Interview

Do you have tuna package in your pantry from 2005? ? How about the saved bags in the hall closet, from the grocery store, or the boutique around the corner, that are there "just in case." It is much easier to let the old stuff be and say "I'll clean it this weekend." r.

Reader's digest dec 2016

Reader's digest dec 2016


Fox 13 Feature with Sorboni Banerjee

"Digging out of household clutter easier than you think"  Imagine Home Organization shows viewers how to organize master and bath closets


De-Clutter Right Now by Paring Down on These 10 Unnecessary Items:  Put your emotions aside and pull on your organizing pants. It's time to de-clutter.  BY JESSICA THIEFELS


7 Habits for a Tidier Life by Lydia Koehn  

Habits can be hard to form and even harder to reverse. If you had a cluttered childhood, the tide can feel forever turned against you in your quest to maintain a clean house. Don’t surrender yet to life among the mess, but grab your bins and labels and follow in the footsteps of these tidy pros.