Organize The Six Most Important Areas of The Home: #4

4.  Garage.  The garage has become the place of greatest variety in storage often at the expense of what it was actually built to store – your car!  From holiday decorations to golf clubs, from lawn care to bikes and from little boy toys to big boy toys, we place it all in our garage.  Most garages, are poorly outfitted for anything but the car so we place things on the floor around the car, and then in piles until they spill onto the car and suddenly, we are parking the car on the street.

SORT the items in the garage.  Eliminate items you no longer use or are no longer in good condition.  Place the items you would like to keep in like categories such as sports gear, gardening equipment, tools, holiday décor etc. 

MAXIMIZE your garage space. There are many solutions depending on the size of your garage, the ease with which you need to access the items, the types of items to be stored and personal preference.  The best solutions utilize wall and overhead space, minimizing the number of things you have to have on the floor.

When IMPLEMENTING your system, ensure you have a home for each item and keep similar items in the same areas so they are easy to find when you need them.  Your car is one of the most valuable items you store in your home so reclaim the garage to protect it from the elements and theft. 

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