Organize The Six Most Important Areas of the Home: #2

2.  Bedroom Closet.  Whether you’re planning a day at the beach or the office, getting dressed should not be a cause of stress or delay because you can’t find a suitable outfit.   Creating the right space for your clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry will ensure a positive start to the day, more time for the more enjoyable elements of your morning and a more sophisticated look for your style.

As with all organizational projects, first, SORT the space.  Remove everything from your closet and determine what you want to retain.  I suggest you keep only those items you love and that make you look and feel great when worn.  Saving a pair of jeans in the hopes that you may someday lose 5 lbs or the jacket you never wear because it isn’t quite “you” doesn’t serve you or your space.  There is no shortage of gorgeous clothes that will look amazing on you.  Don’t clutter up your closet by settling for anything less than fabulous. 

Once you have determined those items you will keep, sort by category including shoes, jewelry, belts, scarves, bags, blouses, sweaters, dresses, pants, skirts, undergarments, shorts, tees and hats.  Depending on the quantity within each category, you may further refine by long/short, dress/casual or color.

Next, MAXIMIZE your closet space.  Based on the items you need to return to the closet, determine if the space is suitably appointed.  You need to create a home for each item.  This can be daunting but it can also be fun.  Decide how you want to keep each item.  Do you want to hang belts or roll them in a drawer?  Do you like to hang scarves or place in a basket?  For each item, there are multiple solutions that will work in your closet.  Choose a solution that will be easy for you to use.  If it isn’t easy, you won’t do it.  For example, I love the look of shoe box storage but I know, I would never remove my shoes and place them in a box.  That solution doesn’t work for me.  I have racks along the bottom of my closet so the shoe goes directly from my foot to the rack.

When deciding on a home for each category, it is important like items remain with like.  When you have skirts together in one place, not only are you able to see what you have available, you can find the best storage solution for those items.

Finally, MAINTAIN your closet with small changes to your behavior.  When you undress, items should go immediately back to their home or the laundry.  Resist the temptation to leave clothes on the floor or nearest flat surface.  Really, the effort it takes to throw a dress back on the hanger or into the laundry is no greater than throwing it on the floor, it just requires better aim!  To make this behavior change easy, place white and dark laundry bins in a convenient location.  You will find your closet remains organized and your mornings stress free. 

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