Organize the Six Most Important Areas of the home: #1

1.  Bathroom.  No other room is so small, demands so much storage and is used by so many people - often at the same time.  It's critical, this space is organized for function so the whole family will be faster to get out the door in the morning and fall asleep at night.  

First, SORT the space.  Take all of the items out of all of the drawers, shelves, baskets and shower.  Eliminate those that are out of date (especially medicines and cosmetics) or no longer used.  Sort the remaining items by category and if shared, by user.  Determine which items are used in the bathroom and find alternate homes for those used elsewhere.  

Second, MAXIMIZE the storage space.  Drawers should have dividers to contain makeup, hair accessories and hygiene products in an organized place.  Under sink space can be fitted for extra shelves.  Often a cabinet can be added to awkward floor space or a shelf to extra wall space.  Hooks or towel racks are a must. 

Finally, DESIGNATE A HOME for each category of item, for each person.  After every use, an item should be returned to its home.  Try to limit the number of things that "live" on the sink counter and maximize top drawer space for frequently used items.  

Start your day with tranquility when your bathroom feels like a spa.  If you don't have the time to transform your space, Imagine Home Organization can do it for you.  Call us now at 727.251.6449.