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Kirsten Fisher, Founder & CEO

Kirsten Fisher, Founder & CEO

In nearly 20 years of sport & entertainment marketing, I have built brand equity, generated revenue growth, managed agencies, activated global sponsorships, supported charitable relationships, developed advertising campaigns, generated media value, managed staff on three continents, launched the Asia-Pacific corporate office of a global governing body and started my own business.  How did I accomplish all of this?  Organization and efficiency have been my greatest strengths.

Finally, I have been able to turn those strengths into assets for doing something I love, home organization.  They also serve me well as a wife and the mother of two toddlers.

In addition to my own organization experience, I am also a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, have a certificate in Interior Design and Home Styling and am a member of the Business Council of Shorecrest Prep.

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